Medlink 8X10 Cassette W/400 Green



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Medlink Cassettes
Film-screen contact allows air to escape from cassette; uses 100% open-cell foam system and aerospace-grade aluminum with extreme hardness and spring action; is imploded with nitrogen gas; and return to original position after repeated compressions
Highly tempered aluminum does not deform or crack
ID window is light-proof
Withstands successive drops on each corner or edge from 3′ height on concrete floor
Passes 10,000 opening and closing action of latches and hinges
Springs in inner tray stay intact for several years without losing spring action
Feature dust-free inner body, as well as vinyl lamination on both sides of inner tray and cassette
Nonshedding foam system
No artifacts
Coated with feel-warm vinyl on tube side
Five-year warranty
Cassettes with Green 400
8? x 10″